Gratitude to the poet John Masefield, for his piece, Sea-Fever, from where I drew the inspiration for this little piece.

I must get back to God again, to His Spirit and His word
And all I ask is the love of Christ, my Savior and my Lord
And the changed life and the new song and the purpose-driven day
And the Bread of Life for the God-hungry I meet along the way!

I must get back to God again, for the call of His Holy Spirit
Is a wild call and a clear call, if I would only hear it
And all I ask is humility, to submit my will to His
To selfless serve with suffering love and a thirst for righteousness!

I must get back to God again, the cross o’ershadowed life
To deny the world and deny myself and conquer inward strife
And all I ask is encouragement from a Father and His Son
And forgiveness and a life with God, when life on earth is done!

2 thoughts on “G O D F E V E R

  1. Hi Ray,
    Congratulations on your blog! I really like this poem… what it says and how it says it. Even reading it silently, it has a nice rhythm. The biggest appeal is the simple, pure request to get back to God. Even though it’s not talking directly to God, I see it as a prayer.

    • Thanks for stopping by Laura. Glad you liked the content, although I can’t take credit for the rhythm you enjoyed. Look up Masefield’s Sea-Fever, a classic. I plugged my prayer (as you called it), into his rhythm and meter; hence, my expression of gratitude to him. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog too!

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