Though generations pass away
And ages come and go;
O Lord, you are the dwelling place
For men of dust below.

Before you gave the mountains life
Or birth to earth and sea;
Forever God, you always were
Forever you will be.

To you a thousand years and more
May seem as but a day;
But, like the grass we quickly pass
We bloom, then fade away.

Our secret sin that hides within
Lies clearly in your sight;
Iniquities illumined by
Your presence and your light.

We are consumed in holy wrath
Convicted of our wrong;
Our days of sorrow languish on
We wonder Lord, “How long?”

Our years will end with mournful sigh
Since we have lost our way;
Please help us number all our years
Before we fade away!

Instill a heart of wisdom in
The children you have known;
And Father, when the morning comes
Show mercy to your own.

Let us, your servants, see your deeds;
And to your children show
Your favor as you bless our hands
To do your work below.

— Psalm 90


This piece is a rewrite of the oldest Psalm, the Psalm of Moses. A rendering in modern, metrical English verse to be set to music for Volume Three of Mark Shipp’s, The Timeless Project. Volume Two is being wrapped up now, and Volume One is currently available here in case you would like to have a look.

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