Though generations pass away
And ages come and go;
O Lord, you are the dwelling place
For men of dust below.

Before you gave the mountains life
Or birth to earth and sea;
Forever God, you always were
Forever you will be.

To you a thousand years and more
May seem as but a day;
But, like the grass we quickly pass
We bloom, then fade away.

Our secret sin that hides within
Lies clearly in your sight;
Iniquities illumined by
Your presence and your light.

We are consumed in holy wrath
Convicted of our wrong;
Our days of sorrow languish on
We wonder Lord, “How long?”

Our years will end with mournful sigh
Since we have lost our way;
Please help us number all our years
Before we fade away!

Instill a heart of wisdom in
The children you have known;
And Father, when the morning comes
Show mercy to your own.

Let us, your servants, see your deeds;
And to your children show
Your favor as you bless our hands
To do your work below.

— Psalm 90


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