Shine forth in retribution Lord,
Rise up and judge the proud.
How long will wicked ones proclaim
Their arrogance aloud!

They pour out vain, conceited speech,
God’s own, they crush and grieve;
They say that Jacob’s God cannot,
Their violence perceive.

When will the simple understand
Or foolish ones grow wise?
T’is Him who hears and sees it all
Who formed our ears and eyes

Our mortal thoughts are empty breath
But God discerns our mind;
And he will discipline the world,
Instructing humankind.

How blessed are the disciplined
Who learn from sacred page
The Lord gives rest from troubled days
When justice comes of age

Can wicked leaders stand with you
Who write unjust decrees?
As they condemn the innocent
And disregard their pleas

May God destroy their unjust ways
And judge them for their wrong
For He will always be my rock
My fortress firm and strong

Unless the LORD had given help
My soul, my life to save
I surely would have slipped into
A dark and silent grave

When troubles overwhelm my soul
My foot begins to slide
Your steadfast love will strengthen me
And hold me by your side

—Psalm 94


The LORD is reigning–Sovereign King
In awe, the people shake
Enthroned above the cherubim
The earth below will quake

Oh praise His great and holy name
So righteous, just, and fair
Come to the footstool of the Lord
For we must worship there

Moses, Aaron, Samuel too
All called upon His name
They cried to Him, He answered them
In cloudy pillar came

They kept His statutes and decrees
Forgiven of the sin
Yet they were held to strict account
For their wrong within

Oh praise His great and holy name
So just and righteous still
Exalt the LORD, our holy God
Upon His holy hill

Exalt the LORD, our holy God
For He is Holy still

—Psalm 99