About Drops of Dew… reflections of a poet-theologian

Although the introduction of Moses to his swan song is as lovely as it is lyrical, there is good reason to believe Moses was speaking more of his desire that his words be effective and exert a positive influence on the people of God than he was their sheer poetic beauty. Nonetheless, the song of Moses is Hebrew poetry and like so much of the wisdom literature and the Psalms, is as instructive as it is beautiful, lofty, and inspiring.

May the bits and pieces of this English poetry and occasional prose refresh, encourage, and enlighten those who are striving, with the help of the Spirit, to make The Story part of their own life’s story.

Ray McClendon is married to Linda, his High School Sweetheart of 37 years. They have four children and two grandchildren, Josiah and Aaron. Aaron died at birth earlier in 2013, so he is being raised by his Heavenly Father now. Can’t wait to see him again! The McClendon’s consider their close, loving family to be their greatest achievement.

Ray also serves as one of the ministers of a church of Christ in Petaluma, CA, since 2001.

Love is spoken there…

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The poetry on this site may be used or quoted from provided no money is being made directly or indirectly, and that you attribute the author and website. Links back to this site would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

3 thoughts on “About Drops of Dew… reflections of a poet-theologian

  1. I look forward to reading your future posts. Ray is certainly gifted and can turn a complicated verse into something relatable.

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